Spring Quilt Market

So, it’s over.  Well, for us, it is.  We’re driving north on I-35, drinking Coke Zero and Diet Coke (respectively), our minds are reeling with ideas and new info, and making our to-do list (it’s a page and a half single spaced already!!!)  Yikes!

We learned our share about pattern distribution (left two dozen with our first distributor!), what it takes to have your own booth at Market, and just about anything else we needed to know.  Lots of good information collected and crammed in in a very short span of time.

We had our share of fun… and made our own fun as the day went along.

Partied with Chewy and Darth…

Row House Creations meets Star Wars

Hung with some new friends… Ran into some familiar faces from home…

Fellow Des Moines MQG Members Jill & Marny (Modern Quilt Relish)

flirted with Linus…

Trina meets her “Peanuts” crush, Linus

And even got chummy with Tula Pink at the end of the day!

The lovely Tula Pink, Tricia, Doris & Trina

Just to name a few.  We added to our series of silly partner photos as we went along (see Linus pic above) which we’ve uploaded to flickr for your enjoyment..

We sewed blocks for an upcoming pattern this morning in the hotel room.  Sewing on a lazy Saturday morning after a long day on our feet at Market was just what the doctor ordered.  Very calming and therapeutic…  Check out time was at noon, so we loaded up the luggage cart and headed out to the Escape.  The challenge became fitting all of this…

How quilters travel

into this…

The Challenge

…along with Trina’s 60 yards of batting from Thursday’s Machine Quilter’s Showcase!

It all fit!  After a relaxing lunch, we headed back downtown to the Convention Center to visit a few booths and visit with a few folks we spoke with yesterday and deliver some patterns.  Tomorrow: we rest.  Monday: we start tackling that long to-do list (see first paragraph)!

To see all of our Spring Market photos, visit flickr.

Happy quilting,

Doris & Trina