NEW PATTERN RELEASE: Diamond Dust is hot off the press!!

The wait is over, Diamond Dust is now available in PRINTED or PDF versions in our Etsy Shop, on Craftsy, Patternspot, and from your LQS (Shop owners: you can order wholesale directly from us or through United Notions and Checker Distributors).


This is a multi-sized quilt pattern to make a table runner, throw quilt, or Queen size quilt. All half-square triangles and rectangles!

This quilt won the MQG 2014 Riley Blake Fabric Challenge and also won Best Modern Quilt at AQS Des Moines Show.

Half-square triangles with two background fabrics, lots of negative space for fun, innovative quilting!

Happy Quilting,

Trina & Doris

Hidden Gems

The new issue of Fons & Porter’s Scrap Quilts (Summer 2015) includes a pattern by Row House Creations. It’s a baby quilt that was first made for Doris’s granddaughter for her 1st birthday.

17093_10205811642123170_7308003853359679834_nHere’s is our not-so-great flat shot…


And Gemma’s original quilt, using just two colors and the background made scrappy:


And here’s a great tip for the backing of a baby quilt: Fuse and machine applique a large monogram (this “G” is about 14″ tall) to the backing prior to quilting. Depending on the color fabric you use, you can also sign the monogram and have it do double-duty as your quilt label.

finalgemmaquiltbackdetailThere are some other wonderful quilts in this issue, including one by our friend, Leila–go grab a copy!

Happy Quilting!

Trina & Doris

NEW PATTERN Pinafore is Here!!!

Another pattern that has been a long time in the making; but the wait is over, we have it ready! Available in PRINTED or PDF versions in our Etsy Shop, on Craftsy, Patternspot, and from your LQS (Shop owners: you can order wholesale directly from us or through United Notions, Checker Distributors, Petersen-Arne, and Quilt Craft Distributors in Canada). Pinafore_FrontCover copy The block is 18.5″ — and the pattern is written for Twin (12 blocks), Queen (16 blocks) and King (25 blocks) sizes. We tested A LOT of block sizes before settling on the 18.5″ size… PinaforeTestBlocks Pinafore Block for BlogThe secondary pattern created by the corner triangles and the sashing cornerstones can change the look of the quilt completely based on fabric placement… Pinafore Close-Up Pinafore Style Shot 1Here is the Queen size layout, just 16 blocks: FlatShot_for Blog PinaforeEven a novice quilter could make this quilt; it is just pinwheels, half-square triangles and simple sashing and borders. We hope you love it as much as we do! Pinafore Style Shot 2WE CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR PINAFORE QUILT!

Happy Quilting,

Trina & Doris

Building Foundations Sampler QAL — Block 14


This week’s quilt-along block, Block #14, is Prairie Flower:

prairie flower

According to Jinny Beyer’s book, Prairie Flower was published by Jane Alan, Illinois State Register, April 2, 1933. However, Barbara Brackman attributes the block to Nancy Cabot: from a syndicated column written by Loretta Leitner Rising for the Chicago Tribune in the 1930s. There were hundreds of Cabot patterns that were sold mail-order and grouped in booklets. The same patterns were also sold by the Spinning Wheel syndicate and the Progressive Farmer. The Cabot column began in 1932 and continued through the decade. Patterns were reprinted in the 1960s and ’70s by several small publishers but are currently out-of-print again as far as I know. Many of those attributed to Cabot by various indexers are probably NOT actually from that source.

We both LOVE this block.



From background (light green inblock diagram) 1 — 3 1/2″ square (for center; I used a Kaffe Fasset floral for my center), 16 — 2 1/2″ squares

From accent fabric #1 (Grey in block diagram)  4 — 3 1/2″ squares

From accent fabric #2 (Teal green in block diagram)  4 — 3 1/2″ squares



1. On the wrong side of each 2 1/2″ background square, draw a line diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner.


2. Place a background square atop one of your 3 1/2″ Accent Fabric #2 squares, right sides together (RST).


3. Stitch on the diagonal line you drew in Step 1. Trim the excess from the corner, press seam open.

4. Repeat Steps 2 & 3 on opposite corner to finish the Corner Unit. Make 4 Corner Units.


5. Place a background square atop one of your 3 1/2″ Accent Fabric #1 squares, right sides together (RST).

6. Stitch on the diagonal line you drew in Step 1. Trim the excess from the corner, press seam open.

7. Repeat Steps 5 & 6 on adjacent corner to finish the Alternate Units . Make 4 Alternate Units.

8. Lay out one Center Square (keep in mind I used a print, Trina’s is of the background solid fabric), four Corner Units, and four Alternate Units as shown:

Prairie Flower Dissected.jpg

9. Join into rows, join rows to make Prairie Flower Block:


Here’s Trina’s block:


Notice, she got an entirely different look by using the striped fabric she chose, it almost looks as if the Alternate Units have pink triangles pieced onto the ends. Always try to think of how your fabrics can work for you to get different looks in your blocks:


And here are our finished blocks, side-by-side:


Remember to share your pics with us via the Facebook page or the Flickr group!

Happy Sewing,

Doris & Trina

A Long Journey into Spring

We’re back  after a bit of an unintentional hiatus, thanks for your patience with the Sampler blocks. Winter ushered illness into the Brunnette home, and after two weeks of trying to find an answer to the question of why a man who almost never gets sick couldn’t seem to get better–we found out he had Leukemia. Sadly, he passed away just 17 days later.


Frank and our grandbaby, Gemma

He was my best friend, the Number One Cheerleader of Row House Creations, and supported everything I did to foster my creative spirit. We only had nine years together, finding each other later in life, but it was a wonderful nine years. My life will never be the same, for better or for worse, and I miss him like crazy. But, he would want me to move forward, press on, and live a good life. So, I’m going to do my best to do just that.

While he was in the hospital, this was announced. He and I knew the previous Thursday that my quilt had been selected the 1st Place Winner; but it was hush-hush. He kept asking me that Monday if the “internet had lit up with my quilt yet”. He was crazy proud of that accomplishment and told anyone who would listen. I was amazed at how many of his doctors and nurses were either quilters themselves or married to quilters–Quilters are Everywhere!

So the quilt.  I changed my mind SO many times before I ever cut into the fabric. When I finally did, I only had five weeks left to the deadline (never mind the challenge fabrics had been in my possession for over 3 months at that point). When I did finally cut into the fabric I was still undecided, so I just cut a bunch of squares and started piecing half-square triangles using Riley Blake stripes, chevrons, ombre dots, a few prints from an Ashbury Heights charm pack I had, a fun red jigsaw puzzle print, and a few different grey/taupe solids from my stash. I focused on using the orange, navy and the greys from the original fabric pack.


As I sewed my squares up into HSTs, an idea popped into my head, so I sat down and drew it out on graph paper. Then I scooped everything up and took it with me to retreat that weekend; where I sewed, pressed, and trimmed for two days straight. The final design is a throw 64″ x 75″:


Once I had the top made and a back pieced together, I passed it off to Trina, to work her magic on the long-arm. Trina had just gotten a copy of Judi Madsen’s new book that week, and she wanted the opportunity to play with the large areas of negative space I created. She outdid herself…


See how she created shadow HSTs, including quilting the chevron design, the polka dots, and the jigsaw puzzle fabric design? Seriously amazing.


We’ll be back next week with Block #14 in our Building Foundations Sampler!

Happy Quilting,


A quilting story

Trina quilted this for me this week; it’s my entry for the MQG Riley Blake Challenge. Her quilting just keeps getting better! And in case you didn’t know, our patterns include quilting diagrams by Trina (BONUS!)

RBC_QuiltingFor more photos of my rock star partner’s latest quilting accomplishments, follow this link.

Happy quilting!


Building Foundations Sampler QAL – Block 13


This week’s quilt-along block is Mayor’s Garden:

Block 13 Mayor's Garden

Block #13, Mayor’s Garden. Nancy Cabot wrote this about the block when it was published in the Chicago Tribune on June 2, 1938: “Mayor’s Garden is southern in origin, coming from a town nesting at the foothills of the Cumberland mountains. His honor’s garden was a riot of all shades of purple iris and rose bushes. The walk through the gardens was of light colored slate typical of the terrain in that section of the country.”


From background (Kona Pond – green in block above) cut 5 — 2 5/8″ squares

From accent fabric #1 (Blue batik in block above) cut 4 — 2 5/8″ squares

From accent fabric #2 (black solid in block above) cut 4 — 1 1/4″ x 7 3/4″ rectangles

From accent fabric #3 (purple in block above) cut 2 — 4 1/4″ squares, cut in half diagonally to make 4 half-square triangles.


1. Join two background and one accent fabric #1 squares into a row. Make two rows like this. Join one background square and two accent fabric #1 squares into a row. Join three rows to make the 9-patch center for the block.

2. Add accent fabric #2 rectangles to opposite sides of your 9-patch. Press. Add rectangles to two remaining sides; press.


3. Carefully align your ruler with the center diagonal in both directions. Trim access off of your accent fabric #2 rectangles.


4. Add one half-square triangle to each corner of your block; press.

5. Square to 9 1/2″ (unfinished).

The block at top, with the blue and purple accent fabrics is Trina’s block. This is mine:


And here are our finished blocks, side-by-side:

Block13_Both_ Mayors Garden Quilt Block 9-Patch Variation

Remember to share your pics with us via the Facebook page or the Flickr group!

Happy Sewing,

Doris & Trina