Building Foundations Sampler QAL — Block 17


First things first, I want to thank you all for your patience this Spring and Summer as we work to get back into a routine. We have the next three blocks made and ready for posting–but life’s roller coaster hasn’t slowed to a stop, yet. And routine isn’t in either of our vocabularies right now. Hang in there with us, we promise not to abandon you with your blocks and no pattern to finish them!

Our newest quilt-along block, Block #17, is Union Square, attributed to Nancy Cabot:

union square quilt block

There were hundreds of Cabot patterns that were sold mail-order and grouped in booklets. The same patterns were also published in a syndicated column, written by Loretta Leitner Rising (Chicago Tribune), which began in 1932 and continued through the 1930s. The patterns were reprinted in the 1960s and ’70s by several small publishers but are currently out-of-print again.



From background, (white in block below) cut 4 — 2 3/8″ squares (cut in half diagonally), and 4 — 2 5/8″ squares.

From accent fabric #1 (red floral in block below), cut 4 — 2 5/8″ squares

From accent fabric #2 (grey in block diagram above), cut 4 — 3 3/4″ squares.



1. Join one background and two accent fabric #1 squares into a row. Make two rows like this. Join two background squares and one accent fabric #1 square into a row. Join three rows to make the 9-patch center for the block.



2. Add a white triangle to adjacent sides of the large accent fabric #2 squares as shown below (note the triangle/seam has been pressed open here). To line up for sewing the seam, lay white/background triangle atop the accent fabric #2 square aligning right angle corners. Repeat in opposite corner of the accent fabric #2 square. Flip triangles and press seams:



3. Line your ruler up with the long side of your white/background triangles, using the lines on your ruler to make sure the unsewn sides of your large square (accent fabric #2) form a right angle that extends along white/background triangles:



4. Trim the fourth corner of the large square that extends beyond the white/background triangles (see photo above) to complete your Corner Unit. Repeat on all four Corner Units.

5. Add a Corner Unit to each side of your center 9-patch. Press seams toward Corner.


6. Square to 9 1/2″, if needed (unfinished).

And here are our finished blocks, side-by-side:


Remember to share your pics with us via the Facebook page or the Flickr group!

Happy Sewing,

Doris & Trina

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