Building Foundations Sampler QAL – Block 10


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Just finished putting away all of the Christmas decorations and dusting and vacuuming today. It’s nice to have the house so clean, but it does look bare without the glitz and shine of Christmas decorations! Also managed to sneak in enough sewing time to sew up Block 10 (I swear I’ll work ahead one of these days…) 😉

Block #10, the Economy Patch, by Ladies Art Company, 1897. The Ladies Art Company, established in 1889 in St. Louis, MO, offered quilt patterns for sale through their catalogs until the 1930s. Interestingly enough, they also sold finished blocks!


For center square, cut 1 – 5″ square (Trina’s background piece – in Kona Pond)

Accent fabric 1, cut 1 – 5 3/4″ square; cut in half diagonally in both directions to make 4 quarter-square triangles (QSTs).

Accent fabric 2, cut 2 – 5 3/8″ squares; cut in half diagonally to make 4 half-square triangles (HSTs). (Doris’s background pieces – in Cotton Couture White)

Block 10 Foundations Sampler QAL Economy Patch Quilt Block


1. Lay out center square, QSTs and HSTs as shown:

Economy Patch Quilt Block Step 1

2. Join a QST to opposite sides of center square, press. Trim points even with center square:

Economy Patch Quilt Block Step 2

3. Join remaining two QSTs to center unit, press:

Block 10 Foundations Sampler QAL Economy Patch Quilt Block

4. Repeat step 2 & 3 with HSTs. Press, square up to 9.5″.

Our finished blocks, once again:

Block 10 Foundations QAL Economy Patch Quilt Block

Remember to share your pics with us via the Facebook page or the Flickr group!

Wishing you a Wonderful 2014,

Doris & Trina


3 thoughts on “Building Foundations Sampler QAL – Block 10

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  2. So happy to see block 10. I just completed 7, 8 and 9 in the last couple of days. I will share pictures later on. It is interesting how the fabric combinations make the blocks look so different.

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