Building Foundations Sampler QAL – Block 5


Next week is Halloween (my favorite holiday!) and I am enjoying the fall weather that comes along with it. I have not decorated this year… just not in the mood. But come next week I will be ready for those little (some not so little) trick-or-treaters. Here in Des Moines, IA, kids trick-or-treat the night before Halloween and it’s called “beggars night”. They also tell you a joke!  I just hope the weather is beautiful so I can sit outside and hand out candy.

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another block in our Building Foundations Sampler!

Block 5 the Improved Four Patch (date unknown, from the Holstein Collection, IQSC)

improved four patchImproved Four Patch Block Diagram


Background fabric (where green squares are), cut 4 – 2 1/8″ squares.

Accent fabric 1 (lt blue in diagram), cut 2 – 3 5/8″ squares and 4 – 2 1/8″ squares.

Accent fabric 2 (lime green in diagram), 2 – 5 1/2″ squares, cut in half diagonally.


1. Lay out 2 (2 1/8″) accent squares and 2 (2 1/8″) background squares. Join to make a four-patch.  Make 2 four-patch units.

2. Lay out four patch units with 2 (3 5/8″) accent squares as shown in block diagram. Join into rows, join rows.

3. Add Accent fabric #2 triangles to outer edges to complete block.

Block 5 Improved Four-Patch

Note: In Doris’s block (on the right) she put her background in the place of accent fabric #3 for a different look.

Remember to share your pics with us via the Facebook page or the Flickr group!

Happy quilting,

Trina & Doris

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