May 4 Shop Hop

We are aware that this happened before market, but we didn’t get the post up until TODAY! It was 6:00 am on a Friday May 4th, we’re standing in Trina’s kitchen filling our travel mugs with iced coffee getting ready to jump in the Beetle and head East. Anyone who knows us, knows it isn’t every day you’ll find us vertical at that time in the morning.

Our plan was to hit as many Iowa Quilt shops (East of Des Moines) as we could, to show off our One Big Cabin quilt and hopefully sell them a pattern or two. We had butterflies in our tummies at the thought of someone rejecting our “baby”; but how else do you sell and distribute your patterns when you are a brand-new company and no one really knows about you. It was an eventful morning; Trina whip-stitching binding on the fresh sample she took off the long arm four hours earlier (seriously!), while Doris navigated through a torrential downpour, at one point losing sight of the 18 wheeler in front of us. Thankfully, the skies cleared and we reached our first destination, Heartland Cottons in DeWitt, Iowa. Owner Sherry was just the friendly face we needed to see to wash away the nerves and give us the confidence we needed to make that first sale!

DeWitt is at the far Eastern edge of Iowa, along the the Mississippi River … so we started there and made our way back West, visiting 8 shops and making 7 sales!!! On the journey we stopped in Kalona to check out the Visitors Center. Great sidewalk quilt blocks all over town and great quilt blocks on the visitors center.

It was the day before Cinco de Mayo, so we celebrated our successful day with dinner at a Mexican restaurant (our fave!) before heading home for the night.

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