ONE BIG CABIN is here!

We are excited to announce the release of our first quilt pattern!

One Big Cabin Owl Racoon Squirrel Applique Modern baby Quilt

The tagline of our company is “Built Upon Classic Foundations”; our designs all start with a traditional quilt block (this time, a half log cabin block) interpreted with a modern quilting aesthetic…

Trina has 12 years of long arm quilting experience; Quilting guidelines for all of our cover quilts will be provided as an added bonus! No more mind block when it comes to deciding how you should quilt your quilt! Together we have 9 years of quilt shop management and service experience, and 22+ years of sewing and quilting experience! Knowing what quilters want, and anticipating solutions to problems are strengths that come from our experience! Our patterns are written with those qualities in mind.

One Big Cabin uses a very simple raw-edge applique technique that anyone can do! One jelly roll, or Bali Pop, as we used, will yield enough strips to make two quilts from this pattern.
For buying information, visit our shop!

7 thoughts on “ONE BIG CABIN is here!

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