Welcome to Row House Creations!

We are Trina and Doris, who met and became friends because of a common obsession for quilting and fabric, and in 2011, decided to embark on a new journey: as co-owners of Row House Creations, a sewing and quilting pattern company.

Our first pattern is very near being printed and released (it’s so close we can almost smell the ink and paper!) and our next few patterns are in the works.

It takes a great deal of time and effort to start a company, and to do it right, we wanted to give ourselves time to make it RIGHT.

Stay tuned for more info on our upcoming Pattern Releases!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Row House Creations!

  1. Whoo Hoo, I am so happy for Doris and Trina! In my own humble way I will spread the word of your new creation in Sioux Falls, SD! Best wishes..Linda (Kirkvold) Brandhagen

  2. have seen your one big cabin in the blogs and love it! have just had a flickr invite to your flicker stream thingy and enjoyed browsing through your pix … and added you to my contacts, too. now, i’m browsing your blog and and signed up to have wordpress bring me your blog posts.

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